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Winter butterfly aggregations are spectacular, but they are also inherently fragile. 

The success of their migration and populations depends on their survival at wintering sites. Take care not to disturb the butterflies while observing them. 


Observe quietly

Take pictures

Marvel at the amazing sight!



Disturb the butterflies with loud noises, motion, motors, or handling.

Unnecessary flight due to disturbance and stress may use up the fat the butterflies have stored for the winter, which could inhibit their ability to migrate and decrease their chance of survival through the winter. 

Share the location of aggregation sites publicly

Butterfly aggregations are inherently fragile, and disturbance may affect their winter survival and migration. Sharing the location of this resting site may attract many visitors, increasing the risk of butterfly disturbance and mortality.

We encourage you to post location-less photos after the butterflies have migrated (i.e. mid-January in Hong Kong).

Provide food
(e.g. honey / sugar water)

These species prefer to nectar on flowers, and we don’t know to what extent they feed during the dry season. Leaving out food for them may attract other animals (including potential predators), drown small insects, and/or create an environment for the growth and spread of pathogens.

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